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Please make you're request here and use the following instructions to make request



  • When create a NEW request 
    • Select the category it falls into
    • click New Topic at the top right
    • Name: put a screenname you would like to be called/referred to
    • Topic Title: write the movie you're requesting (if requesting multiple titles, please list them as individual topics. Meaning one movie per topic title)
    • Topic Description: use this section to specify what season of a show you are requesting for a show. If its a movie you can put the year it aired or the main actors). Any additional information can be put in the description space below.
  • When SUPPORTING an existing request
    • Click on the forum topic that has already been made (do NOT ceate a new topic)
    • Click Add Reply at the top right, under Name put a screenname, and in the reply area, express your support.
    • If you do not see any updates on your request, feel free to write a reply on your topic asking for an update
    • If mediafind5 says we are unable to access or provide the request, please do not continue asking for updates.
    • If a movie you've requested will soon be airing on TV, feel free to provide the date, time, and network in the reply section. We cannot guarantee that we'll get the movie, but we'll give that information to our source that provides the movies for us. Please allow enough time between the request date and the day it airs so we can give our source time.

***If a movie or show hasn't aired yet, or just recently aired (i.e. brand new hallmark movies or shows that are in the middle of it's season) Please do NOT put it on the request page. Most likely we will be adding them, we just need time. If a significant amount of time has passed and it hasn't been added, you can ask for an update by messaging us on facebook.

***If a request is ALREADY listed, please do NOT create another top for the same movie to request it again. Just follow the instructions listed above to support the existing request.

Discussion Room
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Hallmark/Lifetime-Made For TV Movies Request
Make request for unlisted HALLMARK, Lifetime, ion, and more
130 237 05 January 2018 - 02:47 PM
Last Post by:dragonlady3351
Soap Opera Request
Make request for unlisted SOAP OPERA episodes only
9 13 24 November 2017 - 08:26 PM
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TV Show Request
Make request for unlisted TV SHOWS only
34 45 06 January 2018 - 05:08 PM
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Other Request
If you have other request - ex. dvd covers or request that don't relate to the listed topics, make your request here
9 11 28 October 2016 - 11:13 PM
Last Post by:tremble


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